Targeted Research

We start each project by conducting targeted research. In this phase we dilligently analyze what your competitors have done with their apps, we identify what worked and what went wrong and we peace the information together. Research before development helps us understand what customers love and identify your app’s place in the web or mobile ecosystem. Our purpose during this stage is to identify your unique place on the market. We conclude our research by offering you a well-researched list of recommended app features we can build together. We ensure that your app will stand out.

Tracking the User Experience & Creating Reliable Wireframes

The best apps have a natural feel. That’s why we pay special attention to tracking your app’s user experience and flow and creating detailed wireframes. Our goal is to identify the key scenarios that guide the user through your app so we can align features and screens to make the journey more enjoyable. At the end of this phase we will have prepared wireframes clearly illustrating the main ways in which someone will interact with your app. You’ll be the first to experience all the features of your app.

User Interface Design

We appreciate the power of outstanding design in creating brand identity and eliciting engagement. Stunning graphics, imagery, illustrations, colors, typography, and iconography are key elements that make an app beautiful to behold, easy to use and captivate the user. We will ensure that your app’s visual effect and feel instantly connects with users and represents your business. We take pride in designing apps that leave a lasting impression.

Developing a Powerful App

At this stage we focus on building a powerful app! Step four is all about mobilizing our engineers to identify and use the right technologies to make your app a reality. Throughout the development we’ll keep you appraised on our progress and involved in each stage. You’ll know exactly what we’ve accomplished each week and what features are in store for the following period.

Quality Assurance

Our process doesn’t end when the product is complete. We put every app through rigorous quality testing. In this phase, we double-check our work to ensure it conforms to the mockups, performs up to par and functions as designed. After all, we pride ourselves in our high standards.

The Big Launch

Finally, the most exciting and fulfilling part of this process is to see the apps we have built launch. We celebrate each new release with our customers and work with them to ensure the big deployment goes off without a hitch. And once your app is live, we’ll help you promote it so it reaches the spotlight. From conceptualization to launch, you can count on our full support.

Lifecycle management, monitoring and maintenance

Perfect software is an impossibility, but we must strive to get as close as possible. User preferences vary too widely and change too rapidly for software to simultaneously satisfy everyone. But The one thing all users do expect is a basic level of reliability and performance. That's why you'll need a clear plan of action for maintaining a consistent user experience — regardless of the technical difficulties you may face behind the scenes.

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