HyperSense Services - Startup Product Strategy

Startup Product Strategy

We set up sessions with all our clients to discuss their application idea and how it can make it to the top on the market. These sessions are demanding but they get results in terms of streamlining the whole development process and also making the application a better match for the current market demands. We will help you define and refine all the application features and business problems and we will devise a mid and log-term plan for your product. The core of our consulting consists in: analysing your idea, defining your product details, creating a long-term plan for both product and business and discovering new opportunities. During this stage we are flexible, oscillating back and forth, ensuring that in the end you will have a fully defined product and business.
We work closely with clients in crafting a solid product strategy to prepare for a successful, time efficient launch. Not only do we combine our experience and expertise along with market research in order to define the best minimum viable product (MVP) for the market, but we also road-map future feature additions and iterations.

HyperSense Services - UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Our design process is collaborative, interactive, fun, energetic – and feels like a full workout. Work with us, and you’ll quickly get visual designs, prototypes and animations that bring your ideas to life. We do more than just view your app with static wireframes and screens – we “FEEL” it using rapid visual prototyping. this process enables us to experience any issues with your iPhone, Android or iPad app before we build it. Solving UX problems early saves you time and money. We understand the importance of brand identity and the power a striking web design can have when it comes to increasing conversions. Our team of design experts provides quality website and application design services that will make your business stand out. The design of your website or your mobile application is as important as the functionality behind it; customer perception will be formed within seconds of reaching your website or mobile application. This rapidly formed perception about the quality of your IT project, may determine whether they stay to look around or leave to find something better. Busy consumers make snap decisions based on first impressions. On the other hand, if they like the experience offered by interaction with the app, they would recommend the app to their friends.

HyperSense Services - Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our senior development team is proficient in Swift, Objective-C, C, C++ and capable of  delivering rock solid, high performance applications. Some of the technologies we have mastered so far are: VoIP, SIP, XMPP, augmented reality, image and video processing, OCR, HTTP and SOAP web services, mobile databases (SQLite and CoreData), DynamoDB and all AWS services, e-commerce and many others. We have delivered iOS applications for any AppStore category, including enterprise deployment. We are also proficient in Java and Android SDK from 2.x to the latest versions available. Through experience and intense QA, our team provides high quality applications even on Android’s highly fragmented multi-device environment. Some of the most challenging technologies we have used so far are: VoIP, peer-to-peer streaming, image and video processing, AWS integrated services, game, OCR, web services, etc. Our Android development services range from applications required for start-ups to large scale enterprises.

HyperSense Services - Web Development

Web Development

“Nobody understands the cloud” better than we do. We can handle large scale databases from SQL to NoSQL, AWS services like DynamoDB, EBS, Cloud Formation, S3, CloudFront, and develop custom PHP solutions that range from enterprise CRM to strong backend services for mobile applications. Our web development team has over 10 years of experience in developing  successful market tested web applications, backend services, e-commerce, custom build blogs, etc. The main objectives we have in mind when developing web apps are security, performance and scalability. When user management, social integration, video and image processing and fast web service connections are required, HyperSense Software is the best choice available.
We are focused on creating high back-end web applications and attractively designed web sites, independently or combined with mobile applications.

HyperSense Services - Hire Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Use our dedicated development teams to rapidly scale your development resources up or down, cut the development costs, and reduce time to market. We have a solid process in place to ensure total visibility and control. More companies are making software development a key component of their broader business strategies, but very few have the luxury of an unlimited hiring budget. As a result, knowledgeable leaders are on the lookout for fast, flexible access to the technical talent that will deliver real results. Whether you need to augment your existing workforce or hire a dedicated team, HyperSense’s experts will deliver solutions to meet your exact needs.

HyperSense Services - Our personal touch

Our personal touch

We love designing and developing mobile and web applications and we have done so successfully for more than 60 clients. We will channel our knowledge acquired through experience in order to create a market ready and scalable product and business. During the whole development process not only will a member of our team guide you step-by-step to make things as simple and intuitive as possible, but you will also benefit from our collective experience and expertise.
We will be your true partner, providing guidance and support throughout the whole process and recommending cost-conscious solutions. We truly understand how hard it is to start with an idea, build an application and create a business around it.

Let’s talk about your project.